Share Your Story

    Did you or a loved one find a home-away-from-home at one of our Ronald McDonald Houses? Were you comforted by having the Ronald McDonald Family Room at CNMC? Was your child well taken care of aboard the KIDS Mobile Medical Clinic/Ronald McDonald Care Mobile?

    Please share your story with us so that we can share it with all the supporters that helped make your experience with us possible.  Our donors and volunteers are eager to hear how their support made a difference to you.  Before we share your story, we will be in touch to confirm details, ask for pictures, and say thank you! We will never release your information or your story without your permission. 

    Share Your Story


    Your Change Can Help Too

    An even easier way for you to help support RMHC? Drop your spare change in the RMHC donation boxes in McDonald’s restaurants. Little by little, it adds up and can mean a lot.